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Friends Life Group Limited was a Guernsey-incorporated investment vehicle which has the stated intent of forcing consolidation in the British life insurance industry. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange and was a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. It was acquired by Aviva on 13 April 2015.

A former case manager mentioned, "Friends Life Group is a horrible company to work for. They never report to adult protective services when they should. They let abuse and neglect continue. I worked for them for a short time. I received no training, helped them out with hotel expenses and was given no gratitude, and the upper management was just plain awful. There is nothing good about this organization and the clients they serve. They allowed their clients to stay in awful nursing homes and did nothing to protect them."


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kumar says

"I have policy from friends life , I have a plan already get from Tesco. but this insurance “Friends Life” manger Emma called and push me get policy at Friends Life . this old pussy didn't given interpretation, she has cheated me and I have paid policy 4 year finally, when I eligibility to claim. she has cheated me... she will go to the hell. dady fu-ker insurance company. if you belief your money is valuable don't get policy at Friends Life Insurane company . its not only my personal experience many people has effected by them."

Stephen says

"As with most other reviews, I would prefer to give them a big fat ZERO. I have been trying to arrange for my pension funds to be transferred to another pension provider and after nearly 9 months, I am still no further forward. Nobody appears to know what is going on and when I asked to speak with those dealing with this, I was told that "they don't speak with members of the public". I am sorry but do you not mean CUSTOMERS or have they completely forgotten about what this means. I am left with no choice but to take this up with the Ombudsman. Please avoid this company - they are appalling."

Jon Hadfield says

"ZERO Star status, albeit I cant find out how to give them this accolade. Having faithfully paid monthly endowment premiums, bang on time for the last 25 years, my policy has now matured, one week ago in fact. I phoned to enquire why I had not received my princely sum (which, like most miss-sold policies, would never have paid off my first mortgage despite me upping my premiums, at their suggestion, about 18 years ago). My phone call was eventually taken by a Patrick Hill in what he explained was something like the 'follow through' department (maybe they have a lot of 'buttock clenching' phone calls?) After tapping at his keyboard for some time (or was it the sound of chisel upon a stone tablet?), Patrick (a pleasant sounding chap) announced he would escalate the matter. I stated that I was not interested in 'escalation' but instead advised Mr Hill that I merely would like the money now and that my 'Friends' (how bittersweet) had the benefit of 25 years to plan to send this to me. By his own admittance, I had correctly followed the (largely pointless) claim form procedure but it may take 5 working days to get to my money to me. I explained to 'Friend' Patrick that the 5 working days had already passed since maturity and I would expect immediate payment not a further wait; especially as I had entered into a contract to buy a new car and my money was needed for this urgently. We ended up with an agreement that he would try and get it sent today and I asked if he would GUARANTEE me a call by 3pm to advise of the action. He said he would, taking my phone number carefully (not that they would have it on file for a client of 25 years?). It is now 6pm. No money in account and (quelle surprise) no call back. This is simply an UNCARING, DREADFUL, INCOMPETENT (depressingly so) and BACKWARD company who cant even send you your own money in a timely manner, whilst seeming OBLIVIOUS to the real world, that the rest of us occupy. I dread to think what if this had been a life insurance claim needed to bury someone ? Had I'd knowingly been dying, I would probably have spent my last days in their reception, claim form already complete and firmly attached....just to make a point....and get ahead of the game with a bit of ultimate smugness."

Chris Toomey says

"No way to contact online no response to emails. Clueless unhelpful staff. Lackluster review for a lackluster company, can't be bothered to say more."

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